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How to Choose the Right Undercut Hairstyle?

Whether you are going to your regular barber or visiting a new Brooklyn barber, the first step to getting that perfect undercut is choosing a barber you trust and like. Although it is quite easy to mention the celebrity’s look you want, it will be helpful for you to know the basic barber terms. It might help you somewhat, but you must understand that not all hair types or grooming methods are equal.

Undercut that might look good on your favorite star might not work for a regular man who barely gets trims every two weeks. Sometimes getting that perfect undercut is all about telling your Brooklyn barber what exactly you are looking for and getting his expert opinion. In addition to this, you must know how exactly you can get that right undercut hairstyle. Read on to get all the details. 

What is an undercut hairstyle?

 Undercut hairstyle is a trending type of men’s hairstyle, where the top length of the hair is left as it is but the side and back are buzzed or cut. Having an undercut means you will get the desired hair volume while showing off your facial structure. No matter you have wavy, straight, or permed hair, there is a perfect undercut style that will make you stand out.

When it comes to an undercut hairstyle with short hair on the top of the head can offer you a look you want. If you want to make a statement, you must go for an undercut that focuses on the hair length on the top.

Will the undercut hairstyle suit you?

Yes. Of course, you might have your own unique facial structure, head shape, hair type, and beard preference, and you might be working in various social or business settings. But there is always an undercut variation that can suit your physical attributes and the type of sector you work in.

However, you must know that there is no single face shape that can suit any undercut hairstyle. The tip for choosing the best undercut is knowing your facial features. For instance, consider you have a soft or regular, small or large forehead, etc.

But before you select an undercut hairstyle, better take advice from a Brooklyn barber to understand what will suit your face. Getting their expert opinion and considering the adjustment will ensure that you get a hairstyle that meets your needs and unique facial attributes.

 How to Get a Successful undercut hairstyle?

 To get the right undercut hairstyle, it is advisable to visit the best Brooklyn barber and get expert opinions and help decide the right hairstyle for you. In addition to this, here are a few things you must consider.

  1. Know what you want

 Before you get an appointment with a Brooklyn barber, it is essential to know exactly what hairstyle you are looking for. Also, you need to describe it precisely or show a reference to show your hairstylist.

  1. Be open to adjustments

 When you visit the barbershop and start talking to the hairdresser, don’t give them orders. Instead, ask for expert advice and opinion as this will help you choose the best style for you. Moreover, as the barber is experienced, they might alter the hairstyle or give you a preferable look to suit your facial structure.

  1. Watch, Learn, and Ask

 The haircut definitely is the foundation to achieve the look you are desiring. The next is applying Hair styling products and using the right techniques to set the lock. You must stay alert and watch the hairdresser how they do it and ask them for detailed information on the process. Moreover, it is better to get the Brooklyn barber’s recommendation about the products that will fit your hair type and style. 

  1. Maintenance

 Your hair, in a week or two, will start to grow. However, most of the undercut style will require expert skills to be maintained. Rather than doing any touch-ups at home, it is better to schedule an appointment with your Brooklyn barber for maintenance trims. Your appointment’s frequency depends upon the style you have chosen and how fast your hair grows back.

 Get the Best Undercut Hairstyle with the Top Barber in Brooklyn

 Choosing the right undercut hairstyle is the key to achieve the desired look. However, the process with our Professional barbers at Gentlemen’s Barber Shop can be smooth and simple. All of our barbers are certified and trained to offer any type of look our customers are willing to get. From a basic undercut hairstyle to the most complicated, our barbers can efficiently handle and deliver you with desired results. Moreover, they can also guide you to purchase the best products for your hair type and style.

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A Haircut Says A Lot About Men

Though it is not like judging a book by its cover, a haircut is something which can make people know a lot of things about your personality. This is because most men even if they don’t admit are very concerned about their hair. With an experience of meeting so many people and doing so many different haircuts along with styling tips, we are the Brooklyn Barber shop which brings you the breakdown of some of the most popular haircuts or rather the people who opt them. Let’s start.

The first haircut which we have on our list is undercut. This is a haircut for the dudes who need long smooth hair but also have a desire for a shaven look. It gives a perfect look to the men who need to stand out of the crowd. Moreover, it is a style which makes you equally appealing either you are going to work or you need to hit the road in style riding on your chopper.

Executive Contour
Though classic, it still looks very up to date. It gives an appropriate look to men with short sides and back which could give a greater time between haircuts. This cut is for men who want to break their routine schedule and go out of city life longing for some trekking and camping.

Long-Loose Hair
This is something which is mostly preferred by men who are rebellious. It shows a man who works according to his wish and is not controllable by anyone. However, this type of haircut is mostly opted by rock-stars, hipsters, or artists.

Asymmetrical Undercut
This haircut is for those who desire to be the best dressed in the room. This is for people who always need to look fresh and always want to have a distinct appearance as compared to others.

Fade type haircut is for those men who are dependable and loyal. It makes all the men look neat and highlighted. This haircut is also a preference of so many hairstylists and fashion enthusiasts.

This is more of Elvis Presley style which gives men a much more mature look. This haircut is something which requires high upkeep as it may look clumsy when not maintained.

Buzz Cut
This hairstyle is super easy yet a hit. It looks at the men which belief in no-nonsense and makes everything look simple. This is the look of athletes which could also be adopted to get over thin hair.

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