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%Best Men\'s Haircut Brooklyn %best barbers in Brooklyn

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%Best Men\'s Haircut Brooklyn %best barbers in Brooklyn

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Which Haircut Should I Choose for My Face Shape?

Many men long to change their look but hesitate because they don’t know where to begin. All too often, we see men come in confessing they have had the same hairstyle since childhood and don’t know what will look best on them. Knowing some simple facts about which styles flatter your face shape can help you get started on finding your new look!

Oval Face: This is the genetic jackpot as far as hairstyles go. You can choose nearly any style and be confident that it will look good! Try wearing your hair short on the sides and slightly longer and off your forehead at the top in order to optimize your face shape.

Square Face: You have been blessed with a sharp jawline and even proportions. You’re flattered best by classic, neat haircuts, and consider some light stubble on your face to give the sharpness of your jaw a little texture.

Round Face: If your face is circular with a round chin and no obvious lines or angles, you’ll benefit from a haircut that gives you some definition. A more square haircut will add angles and give you some appearance of sharpness or a chiseled jaw. Many men with round faces prefer pompadours or flat tops, for example.

Diamond Face: This is a more rare face shape, so if you’re more narrow in the chin and brow, we’ll help. Haircuts that add width to your chin and forehead will be your best bet. Consider bangs, side sweeps or parting, or longer hairstyles that can be tucked behind the ears. Try to steer clear of styles that are too short.

Heart-Shaped Face: A medium-length swept look will help you disguise your face proportions. Anything too tight will accentuate the length of your chin and the width of your forehead. Some facial hair will help you gain fullness in the lower part of your face.

Triangle Face: Add depth with volume – choose longer-nose-length haircuts with some fullness in the sides. Men with triangular faces tend to prefer to stay clean-shaven in order to keep their prominent jawlines in check.

If you don’t know your face shape, grab a flexible tape measure and measure your brow, cheekbones, and jawline. The widest proportion will give you an idea of your face shape. Our professional stylists can also help you.

Whether you need a haircut for men or even for children, the Gentlemen’s Barbers are here to help! Our Master Barbers follow old-school traditions, expert training, and strive to provide the best service around. If you are looking for a barber who really knows how to do a mens haircut and want a truly luxurious experience, stop by our shop!

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