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7 Interesting Facts About Barbering

There’s no doubt that modern barbers have emerged with distinguished gentleman looks but old ones were more than just barbers. Most of the people think that the variety of barber services they can avail today were not in options earlier. But they don’t know that other than grooming of men, ancient barbers also played the role of doctors and holy men. Let us quickly dive into some interesting facts about ancient barbers.


  1. One of the Oldest Professions in the World

According to scientific research, shaving has been in existence since the ice age. Earlier the barbers made use of seashells or flakes of obsidian to keep their face clean shaved. The proofs of ancient barbers work can be seen in tomb paintings and images that depict men getting haircuts and shaving by different Egyptian Barbers. Moreover, these early barbers used the seashells to offer their customers with the best looks.


  1. Hair Removal Creams Are in Existence From a Long Time

Where the Egyptian lads were having their hair groomed and faces clean shaved, the women were using hair removal products made from unsafe ingredients like quicklime, starch, and arsenic. According to the Egyptians, hair removal was important to remain hygienic and often shaved all their hair and wore wigs.


  1. Barbers Were Also Holy Men

Barbers in ancient times were also known as holy men and the barbering was mostly carried out by the priests. It was so because according to them, by cutting the unattractive beards, the priests helped in keeping the evil spirits away from the humans.


  1. There was a Barber in Bible

The Barber word was even used somewhere in the Bible which according to god meant that men should get the hair groomed and beard shaved.


  1. The Classic Barber Pole Symbolizes Bloodletting

The practice of Bloodletting emerged from the Middle Ages which involved the process of cutting the veins and draining out some blood. Mainly, this medical process was carried out by the barbers to cure many health and skin concerns. The task done by the barbers makes sense as they acquired the sharp implements on hands.


  1. Barbers Were Fully Fledged Surgeons

The barbers were not only meant to give the good haircuts in the Middle Ages but were also perfect in treating the rotten teeth. At that time, barbers also played the role chiropractors and were known as barber-surgeons too.  


  1. The Beatles Were Responsible in Changing the Barbering Industry in the UK

When the rock band named as Beatles got popular with their long hair trend in the 1960s, it forced the barbers to learn the new methods and techniques of hair cuts. The Beatles not only emerged as a successful rock band in the music industry but also changed the needs of being a barber.

These all facts about ancient barbers tell that hair grooming for men was in existence for many decades. However, now the beauty and fashion industry has changed the need for barbers and you can easily find the professionals for every single service from haircutting to grooming. If you are seeking the professional barbershop in Brooklyn then Gentlemen’s Barbershop is perfect to get stunning looks.